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If you’re looking to transform the way you think and feel about birth, then The Calm Birth Method is for you.

This four week hypnobirth antenatal course is designed to change any preconceived or negative thoughts about the birth process, and to arm you with the knowledge you need to guide yourself through ANY birth path. We teach you much needed relaxation and breathing techniques that will help you release stress during pregnancy, but also help you discover how to let your body work with you in labour.

In birth, there are no guarantees, but with The Calm Birth Method you’ll learn how to make empowered choices, letting you and your birth partner be an active part of your positive birth experience.

*Some of the topics we aim to cover are:

- Managing fear, birth sensations & the birth process

- The hormones of labour, how to get them working for you

- Creating your support system; how your birth partner can help, birth preferences & birth environment
- Physical and emotional prep; breathing, relaxation techniques & birth positions

- When to go to hospital, stages of labour, induction, interventions & dealing with special circumstances

*please note courses will be tailored to group or individual needs

One copy of “The Calm Birth Method” By Suzy Ashworth, access to relaxation MP3s and support via Whatsapp until baby's arrival included for each mom & birth partner pair.

Private online fee: $6000

Private in person fee: $7250 (travel fees may apply)

Online group: $3250 (min. 3 pairs)

The Refresher

This 2 hour refresher course is designed for experienced mamas
looking to remind themselves of their previously learned
hypnobirthing skills or perhaps gain some new ones.

By taking this personalised course, both mama and birth partner
will renew their confidence and be reminded that they can have a
positive and empowering birth experience, no matter the birth

Includes support via Whatsapp until baby's arrival and access to relaxation MP3s for each mom & birth partner pair.

*Topics will vary depending on needs of mama & partner

Online fee: From $850/hr

In person fee: From $1000/hr

Birth Breathing

In this 1.5 hour class, you'll learn three breathing techniques that will help guide you through the stages of labour, and hopefully stay with you for life beyond birth.

Although we all breathe unconsciously very successfully, the type of breath you require for labour is much more purposeful and aimed at helping you work with body and baby. Just as you'd train for a marathon, focused breath requires some technique and practice makes perfect!

This popular class can be arranged on demand both privately or in small groups. 

Online fee: $450 pp (minimum of 3 ppl)

In person fee: $550 pp (minimum of 4 ppl)


Visualisation for a Better Birth

In this 1.5 hour workshop, you’ll learn powerful but practical tools to help release anxieties during pregnancy and prepare your body and mind for a better birth experience. 

Learn why language matters when talking about birth, and how your thoughts can have an effect on your birth hormones and more!

“If you can see it and believe it, it’s a lot easier to achieve it” Oprah Winfrey on the power of visualisation. 

Online group fee: $450 (min. 3 ppl)

In person group fee: $550 (travel fee may apply) 


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